La Vera Napoli Catering – Adelaide Wood Fired Mobile Pizza

A family tradition continues

The Art of the Pizzaiolo Napoletano (Neapolitan pizza chef)

Authentic wood-fired pizza & italian street food

Mobile catering and events service

Available for your upcoming private functions & special events.

Servicing all areas of metropolitan Adelaide & country South Australia.

Keep an eye out for our future locations, times & dates.

Indeed wood-fired pizza dough is different from other pizzas; therefore, our traditional catering company can serve better and authentic taste than any other competitor in the market. LA Vera Napoli is the Mobile Pizza Catering Adelaide and event service offered by Dante Rossi. We know the wood-fired pizza crust makes our pizzas delicious and rich with smoky flavours and visual appeal. Our family tradition is to continue its service by delivering authentic pizza and Italian street food throughout Adelaide, SA.

We also offer an assortment of other Italian street food.

LA Vera Napoli catering services offered by Dante Rossi and it is the best food delivery services in Adelaide. We offer traditional and authentic taste with our wood pizza and Italian street food throughout Adelaide, South Australia. We offer our mobile catering services and event services at competitive rates. So, feel free to contact us for further information and enquiries.

If you're planning a wonderful event in Adelaide, La Vera Napoli's staff of trustworthy Italian caterers can make your next gathering unforgettable. From dinner parties to dating evenings, your specialised La Vera Napoli concierge will handle every detail, beginning with sourcing the finest caterers to prepare a feast.

In contrast to a physical store, having a mobile food van allows you to meet new consumers daily. This implies your consumer base will never run dry! Secured business during gatherings when consumers can only buy from the food vendors.

La Vera Napoli will arrive about two hours early to set up and prepare for service. Our crew will prepare for full or buffet-style service as agreed upon. Whatever you require! For example, Wood Fired Pizza can be provided before the talks begin.