Introduction | Dante Rossi (Adelaide Exclusive Personal Trainer)

Hello and welcome, I would like to formally introduce my self; I am Dante Rossi (MV) I am 34 years of age and I believe in taking care of myself with a balanced diet along with a rigorous exercise routine. I am passionate about fitness, health, training, general well being and living a balanced lifestyle.  I have a strong focus on helping others believing in their abilities to achieve their fitness, health and training goals.

I have been a qualified personal trainer (Certificates 3 & 4 in fitness) and strength and conditioning coach (level 1) for over 10 years. I am also a former football/Futsal player and coach (soccer/indoor soccer) at junior, youth, semi professional and amateur level, both in Italy and Australia. At this time I suffered a serious injury which ended my aspiring playing career and through this adversity I became a personal trainer, along with a security officer and an entertainer. This is where I achieved a lot of success; becoming an award winning international entertainer and performer.

Maintaining a healthy mind and body, while having an aesthetically pleasing physique all year round is what I specialise in. Working late nights and shift work for many people can be a big obstacle in achieving certain health and fitness goals, avoiding and/or limiting temptations such as junk food, binge eating and alcohol. It is with my knowledge, experience and qualifications I am confident that I can provide the guidance and support to help inspire others to obtain their goals. I want to pass on my expertise and passion on getting fitter, physically and mentally, to my clientele, while also helping them enjoy the journey ahead with the adequate tools.

Life is about ups and downs, and always getting back on your feet no matter what obstacles we endure. Bring out your inner warrior, and come train with me at Centurion Fitness & Training.

Dante Rossi

“You can’t get anywhere unless you start”

#BelieveToAchieve – Your first step towards a better you


  • Accredited Personal Trainer (Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness)
  • Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach (Level 1)
  • Sports Integrity Australia Accredited/Certified E-learning Asada
  • Advanced Fitball Certified
  • Member ASACA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • Insurance Cover, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity
  • SA Police Clearance
  • Licensed Security Officer


Personal Training

1 on 1
2 on 1

Strength and Conditioning Bootcamps

3 people or more

Online Coaching, Meal Plans, Mentoring and Guidance

coming soon


coming soon



*Includes – Warm Up, Training aka Performance Phase, Cool Down
aka Recovery (Static Stretch & Club Rub)

$60 x hour 1 on 1

$50 x hour 2 on 1 per person

Groups Outdoor Boot camps:
$20 each min x 3 people
= 1 hour = $60

Strength and Conditioning Focused

Pre Paid Package
1 on 1

  • 8 sessions of 1 hour to be used in 8 weeks
  • Usually $480
  • Minus package discount $48
  • Savings 10%

New price $432

Pre Paid Package
2 on 1

  • 8 sessions of 1 hour to be used in 8 weeks
  • Usually $400
  • Minus package discount $40
  • Savings 10%

New price $360

Terms & Conditions

No Travel Cost at MY LOCATION = Private Studio and/or Oval Northern Suburbs Location

Travel applies 25kms or more outside Centurion Fitness and Training base 5108 Salisbury

Centurion Fitness and Training, requires its clients to commit to at least 1x training session per week for 8 weeks

Prior to commencement to your initial training session a complimentary all inclusive goal setting and screening session is included and every month a complimentary revision of HR (Heart Rate), BP (Blood Pressure), Weight (KGs) on scale, Goals Setting and Tracking of Performance is tested.

Please note we do not accept cash payments, all payments MUST be prepaid VIA EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) no later than 24 hours prior the scheduled appointment/training session/service. All first time clientele will be provided of the exclusive and private training studio/location upon finalization of payment. At Centurion Fitness and Training, we pride ourselves in providing a professional and exclusive service. Our goal is to have a select few clients, quality over quantity, we do not want a high turnover of clientele, unlike mainstream personal trainers, fitness centre’s and/or gyms, our aim is to be there to our select client base and support them on their fitness and health journey for the long road ahead .*

You must notify/provide Centurion Fitness and Training with at least 24 hours notice via Phone only (SMS acceptable) if you wish/require to cancel a session.

You cannot reschedule the same session more than once. A failure to comply with this requirement may result in you forfeiting the session fee in full.

Sessions that are cancelled in alignment with the above conditions are to be rescheduled within 7 days.

All sessions at the termination of the ‘Agreement End Date’ are forfeited and payment for the remaining sessions is required in full.

Packages are to be PAID IN FULL and NON REFUNDABLE.

You acknowledge that you are in good physical condition and that you do not know of any health/physical reasons/conditions why you cannot perform active and/or passive exercise, otherwise you agree to provide us with the following information in writing with respect to your health conditions, details of the condition, medications and any limitations and/or restrictions on physical activity recommended by your treating physician.

If in doubt about your health, you must consult an appropriate qualified medical health professional.