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Dante Rossi™ Australia’s Premier & Award-Winning International Performer, Fire Entertainer, Actor, MC, Model, Events Planner, Fitness Professional & Entrepreneur proudly presents Dante Rossi Company, a conglomerate of multiple business entities providing products and services in catering, events, entertainment & fitness of the highest standard and caliber to our clients.

Ensuring we provide a safe working environment for both client and contractors, we wish to advise you of the following Terms & Conditions in relation upon booking your service you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

We are happy to customise a package for your desired event needs.

RSA- Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy


Dante Rossi is aware and acknowledges that safe alcohol consumption is ultimately the responsibility of you as an individual, however it is also our responsibility to abide by the strict policies and laws to ensure the sale and consumption of alcohol at our selected venues and events is done in a responsible and safe manner.

It is illegal to knowingly sell alcohol, or attempt to sell alcohol, to a person who is drunk. It is also illegal to allow alcohol to be sold to someone who is drunk.

A valid and current RSA Statement of Attainment (also known as an RSA Certificate) when hosting in a licensed venue, in order to serve or sell alcohol in the applicable state/territory.

The person holding the RSA must be present at all times at the venue/event/functions. Dante Rossi does not market adult entertainment content and consumption of alcohol to minors. We keep in mind that our marketing and promotions of alcohol and adult entertainment content is aimed strictly to those over 18 years of age.

Dante Rossi does not recommend the consumption of alcohol by those who are pregnant or are taking medication *always seek professional medical advice prior to consumption  of alcohol.

We reserve the right to stop serving alcohol if a guest or patron is intoxicated.

What is an intoxicated person?

An intoxicated person will usually display some of the following behaviours:

  • Loud, boisterous or disorderly;
  • Bad tempered, aggressive or physically violent;
  • Loss of co-ordination, i.e. spilling drinks, falling down or bumping into furniture; and
  • Decreased alertness, i.e. dozing or sleeping, rambling conversation, confusion or glassy eyed.

Touch Policy

You cannot touch our staff inappropriately.

Dante Rossi is COVID-19 Compliant

Restrictions may still apply as per state/territory Health governing body guidelines, which are subject to change as per government authority advice:

For latest updates: https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/public+content/sa+health+internet/conditions/infectious+diseases/covid-19/covid-19

Guided touching eg Chest, buttocks, legs, arms thighs, buttocks if consent is provided.

This choice is up to the entertainer and you may only touch the areas the entertainer directs you during the performance/show.

Behaviour: You cannot be obscene or insult in any way.

Booking Confirmations Additional info:

All clients will be sent this information below in their booking confirmations via sms and and/or email.

Please ensure at all times we are provided with a clean, tidy, private area with adequate lighting. Access to a bathroom and or toilet facilities with running water is required to ensure a high level cleanliness and hygiene.

Please provide suitable space for the show to be performed on.

Please no photography or videos allowed during show, unless prior consent.

Group photo at the end of the show allowed if both parties (client consents).

Payment Requirements

A deposit (non refundable) is required to secure all bookings approx. a third of the total cost of the booked services.

The Booking Fee/Deposit is payable in full within 7 days of confirmation of booking via Electronic Funds Transfer and/or credit card over the phone.

The remaining amount is the outstanding balance.

The outstanding balance and fee is due (1 week (7 days) prior the booked event.

For accounting purposes we require to pay all our staff and contractors electronically, unless otherwise indicated and stated then cash can be suitable.

The Deposit is nonrefundable.

A Tax Invoice can be supplied on request at time of payment.

Payment methods:

We accept: EFT – electronic funds transfer, credit card and cash. Cheque is not preferred, but may be accepted for larger bookings minimum 4 weeks’ notice required.

Booking Fee is payable upon confirmation of booking via Credit Card, Cheque, Money Order, Electronic Funds Transfer or Cash. A GST compliant tax invoice will be supplied from Dante Rossi.

A Contractor Fee is payable direct to the Artist(s) individually as per stated on booking form via Cash only preceding the performance on function date. A Tax Invoice can be supplied by individual artist on request at time of payment. Please note GST will be added to artist fee if applicable.

Cancellation Policy

Dante Rossi actions the required work for your booking at the time your deposit is paid and will reject any additional work offered from that time forward. Therefore, the cancellation of a booking at any time will result in the loss of the booking fee paid. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the booking time may result in all monies to be paid in full to the individual contractor/entertainer/s for loss of work. Alternatively, you can re-book the product/service for a future date within 30 days. For cancellations that involve a third party e.g. Package bookings, the deposit paid toward the reservation and/or arrangement of these cannot be refunded at all.

Arrival Cancellation: In the case of arrival at the event location and the responsible client does not wish to go ahead, for whatever reason, the total charge for the booking is still due, in addition to the deposit amount or by negotiations with Dante Rossi. Failure to pay this amount may result in debt collection, and further legal proceedings may commence. As the hirer you will be responsible for all debt collection fees, interest charges and any other expenses incurred in the recovery of these monies.

Time Allocation

Dante Rossi at no time guarantees the specified time of commencement of booking as stated on your booking form due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. Artist(s) are advised to arrive 30mins either side of time booked ie 9pm booking slot to arrive between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. This is a guide only and will ensure to arrive at all bookings 10-15 minutes prior commencement.

Public Liability, Insurance Policies & Restraint of Trades.

Dante Rossi is permitted at all times to trades as a freelance contractor personally or to any other relevant business, agency or show he wishes to be engaged with or is booked for, for the purpose of entertainment.

All trades and services are covered by the relevant and adequate public liability covers/insurances.

Safety, Compliance and Specifications.

When our mobile wood-fired pizza trailer food truck attends your venue, residence or location, the following information will give you an understanding on what the expectations are on the day.

The trailer (features, size & dimensions)

– 2.2Mx3M

– 2M Height

– Water Tank

– Waste Water Tank

– Gas LPG x2 tanks

– Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

– Bar Fridge

– Chest Fridge/Freezer

– Double Sink

– Power Generator

– Heavy Duty – Easy to tow, dual axle, easily towed by our 4WD which will also be on site

– Hospital-grade high quality stainless steel fittings and interiors – make sure your trailer gives you many years of service and is super easy to clean

– Road Compliance and road worthiness

– Complies with Health rules and regulations in all states and all councils Australia

– Fire Safety Equipment (Fire blanket, extinguisher)

– Soaps, Detergents and Sanitisers

–  Gazebos & Cafe Umbrellas

– Trestle Tables

Images, Footage & Copyright Laws

There is to be no images and/or footage of artist to be taken, including mobile phone cameras at any time prior, during or at completion of any performances, unless prior authorization has been granted by the individual artist. If approval is given the ownership of all images of the Artist remain with the Artist at all times and any unauthorized use or replication of their image will be an infringement of Australian Copyright Laws. Any image (still or moving) used without written authorization from the artist or Dante Rossi will be deemed unauthorized usage and will be subject to legal proceedings.

Additional information

We have high expectations and standards, therefore we will be respectful and professional at all times towards our clients and we expect the same in return.

Therefore if any issues may arise please contact the business ASAP to discuss further.

If our personnel feels unsafe or have been mistreated they have the right to leave but the agency must be notified and our 3 step process must be followed. 1- Warn the guest, 2- notify the responsible person at the event 3- call the office ASAP.

Part of our condition as a contractor at Dante Rossi we require all contractors to provide a medical certificate for cancellations of a Booking/Shift within 24-48 Hours.

The details collected from you are strictly confidential.

We do not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease the addresses stored in our database to any third parties.

All of the information enclosed on this website is accurate at the time of publishing, but may, at any time, be altered.

The information published on this website is intended to provide general information in summary form.

The material on this website is protected by copyright. You may download, print and display material from this site only for your personal and non-commercial use, provided you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices.

Social media; by booking with Dante Rossi you agree to consent the use of images (photos and or video’s) ‘may’ be used online and or social media to promote Dante Rossi products, services, packages, events, models and venues. Dante Rossi has consent unless otherwise stipulated, only in writing via email.

*Last minute bookings: Made within 24 hours on same day a $20 surcharge applies. After midnight a $50 surcharge applies.

We look forward to provide you the highest quality of service and or products in your entertainment and events bookings.

Dante Rossi